Understanding No Win No Fee

If you suffer an accident that was the fault of a third party, then you are entitled to issue a compensation claim. However with the fees that need to be paid to a specialist solicitor, it can be expensive to begin a legal claim for injury compensation in ordinary circumstances.

The prohibitive costs are what often deters many people from bringing a claim that they have a good case for.

No win no fee services operate to ensure that everyone has the ability to exercise their legal rights and bring a claim in the event of an accident injury. We guarantee 100% No Win No Fee.

What Exactly Does ‘No Fee’ Mean

A no win no fee arrangement means that as the claimant in an accident compensation claim, you do not have to pay any solicitor fees unless the claim is successful. If the solicitor or law firm appointed to represent you does not win your claim, then there are no fees to pay to them.

no win no fee

In a no win no fee situation, all the costs of the claim are met by money you receive if you win the claim. if you do not win the claim then you will not have to pay any of the legal costs incurred.

In this type of situation you benefit from being able to proceed with an injury claim without the associated costs and risk of not recovering the costs if your claim is not successful. The solicitor or law firm takes on the risk in your place. Due to the extra risk that a solicitor takes on with a no win no fee claim, a Success Fee is payable from the claim proceeds in the event of a successful claim.

How It Works

With a no win no fee personal injury claim we match you with a solicitor or law firm that will act for you without charging you any fees upfront.

Before your case is taken on, the solicitor will review your claim and any associated medical report before confirming that you have a claim that can be proceeded with.

There are no fees to pay for the review of your claim. Once you appoint us we manage the coordination with the appropriate solicitor.

In order to create the no win no fee arrangement, a document called a Conditional Fee Agreement is put in place. This is a legally binding agreement between yourself and the solicitor or law firm, and it covers the terms of them acting on your behalf.

The agreement will set out the percentage of the damages that the solicitor will receive in the event that the claim is successful. The amount of the success fee is often up to 25% of the total damages amount.

If you have a personal injury claim and would like to benefit from a no win no fee arrangement then contact us today to progress your claim.