Being injured whilst travelling on a bus, or by a bus whilst, driving, cycling or walking can be an incredibly traumatising experience. If you have been injured in any such accident, then firstly we would like to wish you a speedy recovery.

Will an accident compensation claim solicitor take my case on?

If you have been financially disadvantaged because of your accident, then it may be worth considering making a claim. If the accident in which you were injured was somebody else’s fault, and it happened no more than three years ago, then you meet the basic eligibility criteria for making a claim. An accident compensation claim solicitor would investigate your claim under the circumstances and build you a case for the compensation that you deserve.

Making a claim for accidents on a bus

Perhaps you slipped on a wet walkway or banged your head because the bus you were on braked too sharply. No matter what kind of accident or injuries you have sustained, if you have been injured on a bus then you can make a claim with the bus operator.

Your claim will be processed by their insurance company. It will have to be proven by your accident compensation claim solicitor that you were injured in the accident you say you were. This is usually easy nowadays, because most busses have CCTV.

However where this is not the case, it is still possible to prove that you were injured when you say you were, by reviewing your medical records and the incident reports of the bus operator. Of course this is providing you received medical treatment for your injuries and you reported your accident to the bus operator.

Making a claim for injuries sustained by a bus

If you have been injured by a bus, such as if you were knocked off your bicycle by one or you were hit by one while crossing the road, then as above your claim will be with the bus operator but processed by their insurance company. Accidents of this nature are usually easier to process because there’s a greater chance that the emergency services were called and involved. However even where this is not the case making a claim is still possible.

To help your claim, you should seek medical treatment for your injuries as soon as possible if you have not already done so, and if doing so is relevant right now. Regardless of this, however, if your accident happened some time ago, then your injuries will be established through a medical examination set up by your solicitor anyway.

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