If you have suffered whiplash in a car accident, then it is your legal right to compensation, if the accident in which you were injured was somebody else’s fault. You should seek legal advice from an accidental injury lawyer as soon as possible if you have suffered whiplash.

What is whiplash?

Whiplash is the most common injury sustained in road traffic accidents. It often occurs after a sudden impact with another vehicle. It is usually caused by the collision itself, however the deployment of an air bag has also been known to cause whiplash injuries.

Whiplash is caused by the head moving backwards, forwards and sideways too vigorously for the neck’s muscles to cope with. This stretches the tendons and ligaments in the neck. The only symptom of whiplash is usually pain, however more severe cases have musculoskeletal signs of injury and the most serious cases have neurological signs of injury.

Eligibility requirements for whiplash claims

First of all, the accident in which you sustained your whiplash injuries cannot be wholly your fault. You must have diminished liability, or no liability at all. The second eligibility requirement is time-based. You only have three years to make a whiplash claim with an accidental injury lawyer because after three years, personal injury claims become time-barred or statute barred in the United Kingdom. The third and last eligibility requirement is you need to have somebody to claim against, which is something most claims meet.

So long as you meet these criteria, you probably have a whiplash claim.

How much compensation could I be owed for my whiplash?

Whiplash compensation pay-outs range from £1,000 to over £30,000. The amount you could be owed depends on the extent of your injuries, how your injuries have and will affect your quality of life and how your injuries have and will affect you financially.

The worse each of these are, then the more compensation you can realistically expect.

For example, somebody with minor whiplash who has had to have 2 weeks off work might be paid £1,500, but somebody who has suffered moderate whiplash and has had to take 8 months off work might be paid £12,000. The amount of compensation you receive will always be fair and proportionate to the extent of your injuries and your recovery period.

How will an accidental injury lawyer help me?

Your accidental injury lawyer will build a compelling case for compensation on your behalf and push for the maximum pay-out possible. In addition, your lawyer can plan and coordinate any medical care you need throughout the claims process. To find out more about the claims process or for expert legal advice, call our claims advisors for free and with no obligation today on 0800 157 1437 and get answers to all your claims-related questions.