Back Injury Compensation

Have you suffered a back injury?

Suffering from any kind of injury can be a traumatising experience, but back injuries are often the most debilitating. People with back injuries often find that they are unable to work at their full capacity, or that they are unable to perform the recreational activities they love.

If you have suffered a back injury in an accident that was not your fault, then you may be eligible for financial compensation.
It is in fact your legal right to make a claim for compensation if you have been injured as a result of somebody else’s actions or inactions, so rest assured the law is on your side.

Making a claim for back injury compensation

You can make a claim for your back injury whether it was sustained at work, in a road traffic accident, on the high street, in a shopping centre, in a supermarket or any other place, so long as the accident in which you injured your back was not completely your fault (you must have a level of diminished liability to make a claim).

Our specialist back injury compensation lawyers can help you to get the financial compensation to which you are legally entitled to. All our back injury lawyers work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, so you will have no expensive legal fees to pay upfront nor any legal fees to pay during the claims process. In addition to this, your lawyer will support you and your family throughout the claims process and plan and coordinate any medical care you need, in order to help you make a full and speedy recovery from your injuries.

We will build you a strong case for compensation

We take a personal interest in the cases we work so rest assured we will do everything we can to win you back injury compensation. We will do this by building for you a strong and compelling case for compensation built on evidence. We will also push for the maximum amount of compensation possible and claim back any lost income as a result of your injuries including overtime, benefits and all relevant out of pocket expenses.

Get your back injury claim started today

There are several basic eligibility criteria you need to meet in order to have a claim. You can determine your eligibility for making a back injury claim by calling our free and no obligation claims helpline on 0800 157 1437. Our accident claims helpline is staffed by experienced and compassionate claims advisors who can advise you on your legal rights. Call us today to get better informed and to find out more about the back injury compensation claims process.