Understanding Brain Injury Claims

In this guide we will look at what constitutes a brain injury, how much a claim may be worth and what issues will contribute towards the amount of compensation that could be received.

We will also look at what is termed an Acquired Head Injury.

Clarifying different types of brain injuries will assist you in understanding how much a claim could be worth.

What Is Covered With A Brain Injury

A brain injury claim relates to where there has been an injury to the brain following an accident. There are many potential causes for this type of injury, including falls and accidents at work and road traffic accidents.

A brain injury is generally caused by outside force and in such circumstances is referred to as an acquired brain injury.  It covers the physical injury itself and also includes complications that can follow.

The brain injury and the implications of an brain injury can be mild to severe and that effects the potential amount for a claim. These complications can take the form of issues such as swelling on the brain or lack of oxygen.

head injury claims

By comparison to an acquired brain injury, there are also brain injuries that a person can be born with.

If you have acquired a brain injury in circumstances where a third party is considered legally liable, then you are entitled to bring a claim. We can assist you in bringing your claim and guarantee a No Win No Fee service.

A No Win No Fee arrangement ensures that you are not at risk of incurring legal costs if the claim is not ultimately successful.

How Much Could You Receive?

The amount of compensation will vary considerably depending on the severity of the brain injury and any following complications. You can use our Quick Claim Assessment form to get an indication of the amount of compensation that you could receive if you bring a claim. Alternatively, we set out below examples of recent brain injury damages awards.

Minor injuries to the head involving no or minimal brain damage could make your claim compensation of up to £9,400. Injuries involving minor brain damage where a good recovery has been made but symptoms such as poor concentration and memory problems continue, could bring you compensation of up to £31,600

Commencing Your Claim

Commencing your claim is simple. You can either telephone one of our expert advisers or use our Start Your Claim form to quickly send us the necessary details to provide our assistance and start your claim.

Please note: Values are guidelines only. Your injuries and recovery are as individual as you are. The awards are guideline amounts only and any settlement will be based upon the evidence of medical practitioners.