If you have injured yourself after tripping on the high street or in a shopping centre, then you may be eligible for accidental injury claim compensation.

Who will my claim be with under the circumstances?

Who your claim will be with depends on whether your accident happened on a public street or on private property, such as outside a shopping centre.

If your accident happened on a public walkway, then you may be able to make a claim with the local council or the authority responsible for said walkway.

If your accident happened on private property, such as in a retail park, then your claim will likely be with the owner of the land. In London, for example, high street chains usually own a small section of land outside their stores. Your claim would likely be with them.

How you tripped is also an important factor. If you stripped over another person’s shopping bags or you were tripped by another person, your claim will likely be with them. If you did not get their details at the time, this may make making a claim more difficult. However, an expert accidental injury claim lawyer will know how to deal with such circumstances.

Am I eligible?

This is the golden question, and there are two criteria to consider:

  1. How your accident happened, and;
  2. When your accident happened.

How your accident happened

You cannot be completely liable for the accident in which you were injured. This is unlikely to be the case with a trip but even so your accidental injury claim need to be investigated.

Your lawyer will do this on your behalf, so that you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries. The other side will also investigate your claim, to ascertain whether or not they are liable. From start to finish, this process usually takes 6-8 weeks.

When your accident happened

You can only make a claim if your tripping accident happened in the last three years. If your accident happened more than three years ago, unfortunately your claim will now be time-barred or statute barred, preventing you or even the best lawyer from bringing it forward.

I think I am eligible for accidental injury claim compensation. What should I do now?

First of all, you should seek out sound legal advice. To this end, we operate a 100 per cent free and no obligation claims helpline, where you can speak with an experienced and compassionate claims advisor. You could get answers to all your claims-related questions by calling our helpline. Reach it today on 0800 157 1437 to find out more about making a claim.