If you have already claimed compensation for an accident, you cannot ordinarily make another claim for the same thing. This is because your case will be considered closed by the other side. However, if your symptoms have significantly worsened since your last claim, or you are sadly reading this because a loved one has passed away with their injuries being a contributing factor, it may be possible to make additional bus accident claims.

However, if there are no exceptional circumstances surrounding your reasoning for wishing to make a second claim for the same accident, unfortunately it will likely not be possible to make a second claim because your case will be closed.

Having said that, if you wish to make a claim for a completely separate accident, the fact that you have claimed before has no bearing whatsoever on your ability to make additional bus accident claims. So if you have been unfortunate enough to be injured on a bus twice, rest assured that your legal right to make a claim remains the same.

Am I eligible for compensation?

Bus accident claims can be brought forward so long as you or the loved one you are enquiring about was not wholly liable for the accident happening.

Or in other words, you can only make a claim if you are partly or not responsible. Diminished liability is required to be eligible for compensation, because without this, the other side will under no obligation to accept your claim and pay you compensation.

In addition to your level of liability, it is also important that you ascertain the date your accident happened or the date your injuries became clear. In the United Kingdom, you only have three years from this date to make your claim. This is known as your Date of Limitation or your Date of Knowledge. So if your accident happened some time ago, you should seek out legal advice as soon as possible because you could miss your chance to make your claim.

How does the bus accident claims process work?

You will be interviewed by your solicitor and a detailed statement will be taken from you within a week of agreeing to make a claim. A week or so after this, you will attend a medical examination set up by your solicitor. After this, your involvement in the claims process will be complete and your lawyer will take over from here. A strong case for compensation will be built on your behalf and presented to the other side, usually within 6-8 weeks.

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