If you work in an environment that processes chemicals, then you are at a heightened risk of chemical poisoning. There are a wide range of chemicals used in industry than can lead to health ailments like respiratory allergies and even cancer. If you are suffering from an illness caused by chemicals, then you may be eligible for chemical poisoning claims compensation.

Am I eligible?

For most personal injury claims there is a time limit of three years to which you must bring a claim forward. The three year limit starts from the date your illness or injury became clear, or from the date of the accident which caused your illness. The three year limit can be extended in some cases, but only under exceptional circumstances. It may be the case that your three years starts from the date your illness was linked to past or present employment.

What kind of injuries can I claim for?

You can claim for any injuries or illnesses developed through chemical exposure. These might include injuries is illnesses that affect your nervous, immune, respiratory or reproductive systems, or they might have caused you eyesight loss or even cancer. Chemical poisoning claims can be made so long as you did not cause your injuries or illness yourself; you need to have somebody to claim against, so for example a past or present employer.

How long will it take to process my chemical poisoning claims case?

This depends on the complexity of your case. The higher the level of investigation required to prove who was at fault for the accident then the longer your claim will take to process. In addition to this, the efficiency of the other side comes into play. Once the other side has your claim, it may take several weeks for them to process it internally. If they contest the claim value or their own liability, then this will set back your claim even further. Our lawyers have processed some chemical poisoning claims in just 6-8 weeks however.

Will I be fired or punished for making a claim?

It is illegal for an employer to punish an employee in any way for making a claim. So the law is on your side with regards to this. However, we nor anybody else can guarantee that your employer will not punish you for making a claim. What we will say however is that our lawyers will aggressively pursue your employer should this be the case, and your employer will open themselves up to an employment tribunal and additional legal costs.

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