With over 35 million vehicles on British roads and some several million cyclists, it makes no wonder that there are thousands of reported UK car crashes every year.

Thankfully, the vast majority of road traffic accidents result in no injuries at all, but some people are not so lucky.

The most common injuries sustained in UK car crashes are as follows:


This is by far the most common injury. A neck injury, whiplash is caused by a sudden movement of the head forwards, backwards or sideways. It is usually sustained as a result of the forces of a car crash, but it can also be caused by an air bag deploying. It can also be caused at any speed. The only symptom of whiplash is usually pain, however in more serious cases an MRI scan can reveal musculoskeletal and neurological signs of injury.

Bruised ribs and chest injuries

Chest injuries are also very common. They are usually caused by a seat belt, which tightens to the driver or passenger in the event of a car crash. Seat belts certainly prevent more serious injuries from happening, however because they effectively prevent the body from moving, the force they apply to the chest area can be considerable. This can lead to winding, bruised ribs or even fractured or broken ribs. A seat belt can also damage the collarbone.

Head and face injuries

Head and face injuries are very common in car crashes. They are usually caused by a piece of metal or glass flying into the cabin upon impact. However, they can also be caused by an air bag deploying (air bags deploy at over 100mph). Thankfully, most head and face injuries sustained in UK car crashes are only minor, but in more serious cases, flying debris or foreign object penetration into a vehicle can cause brain injuries or even death.

Leg and knee injuries

Leg and knee injuries are becoming less common as cars become more advanced with better crumple zones. However they still do occur and especially so at higher speeds and in older vehicles without an air bag. These injuries can be fatal however most are only minor, resulting in sprains and strains or cuts and bruises. The part of the leg most commonly injured in car crashes is the knee followed by the ankle and then the thigh.

Have you been injured in any UK car crashes?

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