Motorcyclists are statistically the most vulnerable road users. They account for 1 per cent of all traffic on Britain’s roads, yet account for 20 per cent of all fatalities and serious injuries.

If you have been injured on a motorbike through no fault of your own, then it is your legal right to make a claim for financial compensation with compensation claims lawyers.

Common circumstances of motorbike accidents

The most common cause of motorbike accidents on public roads is other road users, or more specifically, other roads users’ lack of awareness of what is around them. It is common for example for other road users to pull out on motorcyclists at junctions and on roundabouts. In addition to this, it is common for other road users to hit a motorcyclist queuing in stationary traffic, because they only see the car in front.

Accidents are also common as a result of poorly maintained roads. Fuel spillages and potholes are a common cause of accidents. It is the duty of the local council or the authority responsible for said road to ensure it is in a good condition. If you have been thrown from your bike because of a poorly maintained road, then you will have a strong claim against the authority responsible for said road. For example, if you hit a pothole and the authority responsible for that road knew about the pothole, you will have solid grounds for a claim.

How will it be proved that I was not at fault for my accident?

Compensation claims lawyers will build you a strong claim for compensation, by investigating your claim and collecting evidence to support your statement of events. This evidence may include CCTV footage, dash-cam footage or emergency service reports.

What else will my compensation claims lawyers do?

Your compensation claims lawyers will also access your medical records, and you will attend a medical examination so that the extent of your injuries and how your injuries have and will affect your life can be ascertained. With all evidence to hand, your solicitor will build you a strong case for compensation and present this to the other side, along with a settlement demand, which is the term used to describe the compensation asked for.

How much compensation could I be awarded?

You will be paid compensation to an amount that is fair and proportionate to the extent of your injuries and the level of pain and suffering you have and will experience. You could be owed a few thousand pounds or several thousand pounds; we could give you a far better estimate if we knew the circumstances of your claim. To get a better estimated pay-out, call our free and no obligation claims helpline today on 0800 157 1437.