If you are suffering from a repetitive strain injury and you believe that your injury was caused by somebody else, such as an employer, then you may be eligible for compensation.

Repetitive strain injury claim solicitors would have to prove that your employer is liable for your injuries in order for your claim to be successful. Thankfully, the law is on your side in this respect and the Health and Safety Executive makes it very clear that all employers have a legal obligation to protect their employee’s health, safety and wellbeing at work.

Your eligibility to make a repetitive strain injury claim

To be eligible for compensation the date your repetitive strain injury became clear must be no more than three years ago. This is because most claims are statute barred or time-barred under the Limitation Act 1980 after three years. In addition to this, you cannot be 100 per cent liable for the circumstances surrounding your injury. While this is unlikely to be the case with a repetitive strain injury your repetitive strain injury claim solicitors will still have to investigate the circumstances surrounding your injuries.

Common types of repetitive strain injury

A repetitive strain injury can be anything from a sharp or widespread pain in the wrist or arm to something with a medical name, such as hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) or carpal tunnel syndrome. Contrary to popular belief, office workers are at just as high a risk of developing a repetitive strain injury as people who work in a manually-intensive role.

How much compensation could my repetitive strain injury claim solicitors win for me?

There are general guidelines for repetitive strain injury compensation pay-outs, however all cases are different. The amount of compensation your repetitive strain injury claim solicitors could win for you depends on the type of injury or injuries you have sustained, the extent of those injuries and how your injuries have and will affect your life. The worse your injuries are then generally speaking the more financial compensation you can claim. Your settlement demand also has to be fair and proportionate to the extent of your injuries.

How long will it take for my claim to reach a conclusion?

Our repetitive strain injury claim solicitors can process claims in as little as 6-8 weeks however your claim may take considerably longer. The more complex your case is then the more time it will take to process. The efficiency of the other side also comes into play.

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