The strength of your bus crash compensation claim comes down to your level of liability and the evidence available that can support your claims.

A strong compensation claim would be one with witness statements backing up your story and hard evidence such as CCTV footage or dash-cam footage capturing your accident. But if such evidence is not available, you can still make a claim. The fact that you were injured at a particular time and on a particular day is usually enough to bring forward a claim.

To give you an example of a clear-cut personal injury claim, if you slipped and injured yourself on a bus walkway and the bus’s CCTV system captured this, you will have a very strong claim because there is evidence to corroborate your story. Or in the case of a bus crash compensation claim, if your accident was captured by somebody else’s dash-cam and this evidence is provided to you, you will be able to prove who was at fault for the accident.

Do you meet these basic eligibility requirements?

Of course, all of this is assuming that you meet the basic eligibility requirements for making a bus crash compensation claim in the first place. To be eligible for financial compensation, your accident needs to have happened within the last three years. After three years, your claim cannot be brought forward except under exceptional circumstances, such as death, because your claim will be time-barred under UK law. In addition to this, you cannot be wholly responsible for the accident in which you were injured. If you were completely liable, the other side will be under no obligation to accept your claim.

Medical evidence

Another important aspect to a strong claim is medical evidence. If you received medical treatment at hospital for your injuries this will benefit your claim because your medical records will have been updated proving that you were injured. However, the extent of your injuries and how they have and will affect your life will be ascertained through a medical examination, which you will have to attend as part of the claims process. The medical report created during this process will form the basis of your claim and your final settlement demand. It will be conducted by an expert in your injuries and last around 20 or 30 minutes.

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