It is impossible for us or for anyone else to provide you with an accurate time frame for cycling crash claim completion. You will have probably already read something similar, but all claims are unique and a structured process has to be followed to make a successful claim; and any time frame provided to you will be an estimate only.

What we can say, however, is that our in-house lawyers have processed claims in as little as 6-8 weeks from start to finish. Your claim may be able to be processed in this time frame if the facts surrounding your case are easy to ascertain – the easier it is to prove that you were not liable for your accident, then the quicker a case can be built on your behalf.

Or in other words, the more complex your claim is, then the longer it will take to process.

How your injuries can affect the cycling crash claim process

However, ascertaining your level of liability is not the only factor that influences claim complexity. Your injuries do too. For example, if you have suffered both physical and psychological injuries as a result of your accident, you will likely have to attend two separate medical examinations so that the true extent of your injuries can be ascertained. And unless you are incredibly lucky, these medical examinations will not be back-to-back. They may be several weeks apart, which will obviously lengthen the cycling crash claim process.

How the efficiency of the other side can affect the claims process

You also have to factor in the efficiency of the other side, because while our lawyers may be able to process your claim in a matter of weeks, the other side may take considerably longer to review your claim and reach a decision. Insurance companies, for example, are notoriously slow at processing claims and they have started to investigate cycling claims and accidents more thoroughly than ever before in the last few years due to a rise in the number of them. The bottom line with regards to this is that once the other side has your claim, you and your lawyer are at the mercy of their legal process.

Claim value or liability contestation

Of course if the other side denies their level of liability in your cycling crash claim, or they contest the claim value, this will set your claim back. Your lawyer will have to build your case up again to support your claim. To speed up the process, you may be offered the opportunity to settle on a ‘split liability agreement’, where you admit to a percentage of the responsibility for your accident. To find out more about split liability or for more information about the claims process, give us a call for free and with no obligation today on 0800 157 1437 and discuss your cycling crash claim with one of our experienced claims advisors.