The personal injury claims process is complex and time-consuming, and there are several factors that influence how long a claim takes to settle. Our lawyers can process some injury claims within just 6-8 weeks, but other claims take several months to process.

The key influencers as to the length of time it takes to process a personal injury compensation claim are: The complexity of the case, the efficiency of the other side and whether liability is accepted or denied. In addition to this, the extent of your injuries can also affect the length of time it takes to process your claim.

The complexity of your case

All personal injury claims have to be backed by evidence. The harder this evidence is to obtain, or the more difficult it is to prove that you were not liable for your accident, then the longer your personal injury compensation claim will take to process. For example, if you provide a statement saying one thing but there are witness reports saying another thing, this will cause your claim some concern and additional investigation would be required.

The efficiency of the other side

Once the other side receives your personal injury compensation claim all further legal work is out of your lawyer’s hands and you are at the mercy of the other side. Your lawyer has to wait for a response from the other side and some companies, such as insurers, are very slow at processing personal injury claims. The other side will investigate your claim themselves and it may take several months before they complete their own investigations.

Liability contestation

If the other side contests liability then this will set your claim back significantly. Depending on the reasons behind the other side’s contestation, additional investigation may be needed from your side. Sometimes, the other side may contest liability but offer what is known as a split liability agreement giving you the option so settle on a 75/25, 50/50 or 25/75 basis. If this is the case, your lawyer may recommend you settle on such an agreement, unless they can otherwise prove that you were in no way responsible for your accident.

The extent of your injuries

Some injuries take a lot longer to properly diagnose than others. For example, somebody with a broken arm will be easy to diagnose, but somebody who has been put into an induced coma due to severe head trauma will be incredibly difficult to diagnose. The extent of your injuries will be ascertained through a medical examination; you usually only have to attend one but if you have multiple injuries you may have to attend more than one.

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