If you have been injured through no fault of your own and you are thinking about making a claim, it is important that you get sound legal advice, to help you make your decision. To this end, below you will find advice for choosing the best lawyers for you:

Choose a specialist

Lawyers who specialise in personal injury law invariably specialise in a particular aspect of it, such as slips, trips and falls, workplace accidents or road traffic accidents. While any lawyers for you will be able to process your claim, providing they practice personal injury law, a specialist will be best-placed to build you a compelling case for compensation. To get such a specialist on your side, simply ask to speak with one when you contact a law firm.

Ask about case experience

Of course even if a lawyer specialises in your kind of accident, this in itself does not guarantee that they will have handled cases similar to your own. All personal injury claims are unique, but some do have similarities. You should ask any lawyers for you that you make contact with about their past case experience. It may be that they have worked a dozen or so cases just like yours, but you will never know unless you ask.

Ask about success rates

The success rate is a percentage of the amount of cases a lawyer has won. The higher the percentage the better and anything over 80 per cent is considered excellent. You should ask the lawyer you speak with about their success rate, to find the best lawyers for you. It is important to consider though that some lawyers take on higher-risk cases than others, and invariably have a lower success rate, so always keep this in mind.

Always ensure a lawyer’s legitimacy

It goes without saying that there are cowboys in the legal industry. Thankfully, it is easy to ascertain a lawyer’s legitimacy, by asking to see their Solicitors Regulation Authority-issued practicing certificate. All lawyers in England and Wales are required by law to have one to call themselves a solicitor. Your lawyer will also have a SRA roll number, which you can take down and use to look up your lawyer’s credentials on the SRA’s roll of solicitors.

Have your claim handled by the best lawyers for you today

At Nationwide Injury Lawyers we have our own in-house team of personal injury experts who can win you compensation. To find out your eligibility for making a claim or to get an estimated pay-out for your injuries, give us a call on 0800 157 1437 today and one of our experienced claims advisors will be at hand to answer all your claims-related questions.