Being injured whilst cycling can be an incredibly traumatising experience. It can also result in very serious injuries. If you have been injured whilst cycling, and the accident was not your fault, then you may be eligible for financial compensation.

To be eligible for compensation, the date your injuries became clear or the date of your accident must be no more than three years ago, and you cannot be wholly responsible for the accident in which you were injured. As long as you meet these basic eligibility criteria, then you are probably eligible to make a claim with bicycle injury lawyers.

Making a claim against another person or road user

When it comes to making a claim for a cycling accident, the most important thing you need to know is who the other party is. Ideally you will have the name and address of the other party, and if it was another road user, then the licence plate of the vehicle involved too. This will ensure that they can be tracked down as quickly as possible. If you took photographs of the scene of your accident, then there’s a good chance you have these details already.

If you were not able to get the personal details of the other party, we strongly recommend you file a police report if you have not already done so. This only applies to accidents which have an illegal element to them, however, such as if you were involved in a hit and run. This way, you will have a crime number and the police will look into your accident for you.

If the other party is never traced, then you may be able claim with the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. Your bicycle injury lawyers will be able to tell you if this is the case.

Making a claim against the local council or another authority

If you have been injured whilst cycling on a poorly maintained road, cycle path or other way, then you can make a claim with the local council or the authority responsible for the maintenance of the road or pathway on which you were injured. For example, if you fell off your bicycle after striking a pothole, then you can make a claim. Or if you fell of your bicycle because of a spillage in the road, such as a diesel spillage, then you can make a claim.

The process for making a claim under these circumstances is much the same as making a claim against another road user. It will have to be proven by your bicycle injury lawyers that you were injured as a result of another person’s actions or inactions.

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