If you have been injured in an accident while cycling, and the accident was somebody else’s fault, then you may be eligible for financial compensation.

Some common causes of cycling accidents include:

  • Poorly maintained roads and cycling paths;
  • Collisions with vehicles that fail to look out for cyclists;
  • Collisions with pedestrians that fail to look out for cyclists;
  • Being forced off the road by an aggressive driver;
  • Collisions with other cyclists who do not look where they are going.

If you have been injured in any of the above, then you can make a claim, providing that you meet the following two basis eligibility criteria:

  1. Three year time limit

In the United Kingdom personal injury claims become statute barred or time-barred after three years, in order to protect the insurance industry from historic claims. Unfortunately, this means that you only have three years from the date your accident happened or from the date your injuries became clear to bring your claim forward with injury accident lawyers.

  1. Your level of liability

To be eligible for compensation with injury accident lawyers, you cannot be wholly responsible for the accident in which you were injured. Your level of liability cannot be 100 per cent. If you were totally responsible, such as if you ran a red light on your bicycle and were subsequently knocked off your bicycle by a bus, making a successful claim will be more difficult because the other side would be under no obligation to pay you compensation.

I meet these criteria. What next?

You should seek legal advice before making any decision.

A claims advisor or injury accident lawyers will be able to tell you where you stand legally based on the unique circumstances of your accident.

What if I have no details for the bus that hit me?

In cases where the bus drove off, perhaps because it was unaware that it hit you, it is absolutely essential that you receive medical treatment for your injuries at hospital no matter how minor your injuries may be. This will at least prove that you were injured by something on said day. Your lawyer will investigate your claim for you and attempt to track down the bus responsible, by reviewing where you were injured and local bus routes. If the bus can be tracked down, then making a claim will be relatively straightforward.

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