If you have been injured in an accident at work through no fault of your own, then you may be eligible for compensation.

If your employment or financial status has been affected by your accident, such as if you have had to take time off work without full pay, then you should speak with an injury compensation lawyer about the possibility of making a claim. You can claim back any lost income including overtime from the other side with an accident claim, and you can also claim back all relevant out of pocket expenses, such as medical costs and travel costs.

How do I know if I am eligible for compensation?

If you would rather ascertain your own eligibility than have an injury compensation lawyer do this for you, there are two things to consider with regards to claim eligibility:

  1. Who was at fault for the accident in which you were injured?

To be eligible for compensation, you must have diminished liability, meaning you cannot be wholly responsible for the accident in which you were injured. You can however be partially liable. If you were in no way responsible, then you will have a strong accident claim

  1. When did your accident happen?

To be eligible for compensation, your accident needs to have happened within the last three years. After three years, most accident claims are statute barred preventing you or an injury compensation lawyer from bringing them forward. Your three year limit starts from either the date your injuries became clear or the date of your accident. These are usually the same however this is not always the case. This is known as your Date of Knowledge.

Will making a claim affect my employment status?

It is illegal for an employer to punish an employee for making a personal injury claim. If an employer were to do this, they would open themselves up to a very costly employment tribunal. So if you are worried about this, remember that the law is on your side.

How much could an injury compensation lawyer win me?

You could be owed a thousand pounds, or you could be owed several thousand pounds.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to largely depends on the extent of your injuries and how your injuries have and will affect your life. For example, you can expect a higher pay-out for a broken leg if you work in a manual role than a sprained ankle if you work in an office. Your pay-out will be fair and proportionate to your injuries.

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