Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Are you looking for a personal injury lawyer?

If you have been injured in an accident and you are thinking about making a claim, then it is absolutely essential that you seek out sound legal advice from a personal injury lawyer. But not just any injury lawyer – a top injury lawyer who will push for the maximum compensation amount possible and fight your corner until the very end.

At Nationwide Injury Lawyers, we have our own team of lawyers who specialise in all aspects of personal injury law. Our lawyers can help you to better understand your legal rights and we will review your case for free and tell you what the chances of success are. We are also a ‘no win, no fee’ law firm so you can get access to high quality legal representation without it hitting your back pocket, which is something we think is particularly important.

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer for you

The right personal injury lawyer for you is somebody who has worked many cases that are similar to your own and somebody who you get on with as a person.

Unfortunately, finding a lawyer with both these qualities is not easy, but at Nationwide Injury Lawyers we have solved this challenge. All our lawyers have terrific people skills and we pride ourselves on being available to our clients, which means you can have confidence in us to communicate with you and process your claim with the utmost professionalism.

Making your claim

When it comes to making your claim, your lawyer will manage the claims process on your behalf and only involve you in the aspects of your case which need your input. These include your interview with your solicitor and your medical examination. Outside of these, your input will be minimised to ensure a smooth claims process.

How long will it take to get your compensation? Well our lawyers can process some claims in as little as 6-8 weeks, however the length of time it will take to process your claim depends on the complexity of your case as well as the efficiency of the other side. Your personal injury lawyer will communicate with you throughout the claims process however so that you understand what is happening and you get your questions answered.

Get advice following an accident today!

For legal advice following an accident, or to find out more about how the accident claims process works, we operate a free and no obligation accident claims helpline which you can call. Our claims helpline is staffed by our own experienced claims advisors who can answer all of your claims-related questions. Call us on 0800 157 1437 today to get started.