At Nationwide Injury lawyers we operate a free and no obligation claims helpline. Our helpline is staffed by experienced and compassionate claims advisors. It is there for anybody who has been the victim of an accident and wants to get answers to their questions fast.

You can reach our helpline on Freephone 0800 157 1437.

We are often asked by people – prior to making a call to us – what they can expect to find out by calling our personal injury expert helpline, so we thought we would write a guide for you to help you establish whether picking up the phone is the right thing to do.

What can I find out by calling a personal injury expert helpline?

By calling our helpline, you can find out:

  • Whether you are eligible to make a claim;
  • What factors might affect your ability to make a claim;
  • How strong your claim is;
  • How much compensation you could claim (estimate);
  • How long the accident claims process may take (estimate);
  • Who your claim will likely be against;
  • Whether you will have to attend a medical examination;
  • Plus much more.

The aim of our personal injury expert helpline is to answer as many of your claims-related questions as possible, so that you can make the right decision regarding making a claim. In order for us to do so, however, we will need some basic information from you.

This information will include:

  1. Where your accident happened

We need to know where your accident happened so that we can get a clear idea as to who your claim would be against. Were you injured at work? On a train platform? On the high street? By understanding this, our claims advisors can answer more of your questions.

  1. How your accident happened

We need to know how your accident happened so that we can establish your level of liability – you only have a claim if your level of liability is diminished, so this is information that we need to know in order to establish your eligibility for making a claim.

  1. The date your accident happened

We need to know the date your accident happened so that we can establish whether or not your accident claim can be brought forward under UK law – under the Limitation Act 1980, most personal injury claims are time-barred or statute barred after three years.

With just the information above, our claims advisors will be able to answer most of your claims-related questions. To get answers to your questions, call our personal injury expert helpline today on 0800 157 1437 for free and with absolutely no obligation.