The injury claims process is designed to minimise your involvement as much as possible, so that a legal process can be followed and you have as much time as possible to recover from your injuries. However, you will have to provide your injury solicitors with some information so that they can build you a compelling case for compensation.

Your injury solicitor will inform you on what they need from you to process your claim, but while all cases are unique, there are some things that apply to all claims.

Here is a list of the information you should give to your injury solicitors:

  1. A statement about how your accident happened

To build you a strong accident claim, your injury solicitors need to establish the facts first and foremost and get your point of view. The only way they can do this is by taking a written statement from yourself, or a verbal one if recorded. If you have not already provided a statement, then it is a good idea to write out the events leading up to, during and immediately after your accident as soon as you feel able to. You will provide the statement during an interview with your solicitor, which can be in person or on the phone.

  1. Provide your injury solicitors with any evidence you have

If you have reliable evidence to back up your claim, or even if you have evidence that could weaken your claim, you must provide this to your solicitor. Under UK law, neither you nor the person you are making a claim against has the right to withhold relevant documentation. You should provide any evidence you have to your injury solicitors early on in the claims process, so that your claim can be processed as quickly as possible. Evidence coming to light several weeks into the claims process could set back your claim.

Evidence can include witness statements, video recordings including those from mobile phones and dashboard cameras, CCTV footage or emergency service communication. Your lawyer will review any evidence you provide to them, and include it in your case.

Attending a medical examination

In addition to the above it is important to consider your medical examination. This will be conducted by an expert in your injuries a few weeks into the claims process. Here, you must be as truthful as possible about your injuries and symptoms so that a medical report can be created detailing the extent of your injuries and how your injuries have and will affect your life. This will be used to form the basis of your claim and your settlement demand.

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