If you are suffering from tinnitus and your illness was caused by somebody else, such as an employer, then you may be eligible for compensation.

When making a tinnitus claim against an employer, the most critical stage to the claim is establishing liability. Your tinnitus compensation solicitors have to prove that your employer in some way contributed to your tinnitus. This can be challenging because tinnitus is not usually caused by one single incident. It usually develops over time. It can also be caused by an underlying medical condition, so your employer may not be as liable as you think.

Regardless of the circumstances regarding your tinnitus however it is important to remember that the law is on your side. You are the victim of this illness and if somebody else is responsible for it then they should be brought to justice.

What will my tinnitus compensation solicitors need from me?

The most important information you should provide to your tinnitus compensation solicitors is a detailed statement, covering how your illness came about and why it came about.

For a tinnitus claim, we recommend that you write your statement so that it covers your type of employment, the roles you perform or performed whilst under employment and when you first noticed your tinnitus or hearing loss. You should also, if possible, detail the health and safety practices of your employer. Did your employer provide you with ear protection for example? Did they give you regular breaks from loud noises?

With your version of events to hand, your solicitor will then look into the health and safety records of your employer. Your solicitor will also look into the health and safety practices of your employer to see if they are meeting their legal obligations. Even if it is found that your employer is operating within the law, however, you can still make a tinnitus claim.

How long does the tinnitus claims process take?

Industrial tinnitus claims and other hearing loss claims require considerable investigation, and your tinnitus compensation solicitors have to follow a set out legal process.

As a result, it is not uncommon for tinnitus claims to take several months to process from start to finish. If your personal injury case is straightforward, and the other side is efficient when processing your claim, then it may be possible to process your claim and get you compensation within 6-8 weeks however this is rare for tinnitus claims.

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