If you have been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, then you are legally entitled to make a car injury UK claim, irrespective of the types of injury you have sustained.

The most common injuries sustained in car accidents are whiplash and cuts and bruises and both these injuries can be minor, moderate or severe. They can also be caused by not just the crash itself, but by an airbag deploying or flying debris in the car. Other common injuries include fractured or broken bones, concussion and psychological illnesses. For example, some people have panic attacks or suffer from anxiety in the aftermath of a car accident.

Your eligibility for making a claim

Your eligibility for making a claim depends on two key factors:

  1. When your accident happened

To be eligible for compensation, the accident in which you were injured must be no more than three years ago. After three years, most car injury UK claims become time-bared or statute barred in the United Kingdom. If you were a minor at the time, then you have three years from the date of your 18th birthday to bring your accident claim forward.

  1. How your accident happened

To be eligible for compensation, you must have diminished liability, meaning you cannot be 100 per cent responsible for the accident in which you were injured. If you believe you were at least partly responsible, then it is important to seek legal advice before you do anything else. Your car injury UK lawyer will inform you on your rights to strengthen your claim.

How will my compensation amount be determined?

Your lawyer will determine a fair and proportionate settlement demand for you. The compensation you are awarded for your injuries will be based on the extent of your injuries and how your injuries have and will affect your life. In addition to this, psychological trauma will also be taken into account, as will the acceleration of any pre-existing medical conditions. All of these will be ascertained through a medical examination with an expert.

You can also claim back any lost income and relevant out of pocket expenses. If you have had to have time off work unpaid or with sick pay, or you have lost any income support due to being unable to attend your meetings, you can claim back these damages.

Find out more about the car injury UK claims process today

All claims are different so it is advisable that you seek specialist legal advice before deciding whether or not to make a claim. Call our claims advisors for free and with no obligation on 0800 157 1437 and get informed on your legal rights today.